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Predictive data analytics tool that leverages Behavioral Science and Al technologies to reduce internal risk

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Risk Map

Risk Map

View your organization's risk status and suspicious employees. eLoomina provides you with a configurable histogram to find the risky employees in your organization and an ability to filter by different variables to identify the factors that are most important to you!

Risk Analytics

Risk Analysis

eLoomina provides risk vectors for your organization to help you understand where, why & what is the risk for every employee and team.

Risk Trends

Risk Trends

To understand the employee/team lifetime in your organization, eLoomina determines risk trends that allow you to see change in the risk while it happens. Find out easily whose' risk is growing enabling you to address the problem before it strikes.

eLoomina’s Risk Model

    OMB Variables of Internal Risk

    Job autonomy
    Financial Pressure
    Family issues

    Data-Driven Indicators

    High level position
    Working isolated from the group
    Working over the weekend

    Risk Calculation

    • Anomaly detection
    • Statistical calculations
    • Weight
    • AI & ML
    • +more

    Risk Score


    Privacy and Data Security

    We care about privacy
    So we give you control over your information

    • Privacy by design 

    • Secured architecture 

    • Anonymization of user behavioral data 

    • Compliance with privacy requirements

    OMB (Organizational Misbehavior)

    OMB research validated variables
    Based on 50+ OMB studies (See Vardi & Weitz, 2016)

    OMB Types: 

    Type S - Actions intended to benefit the person
    Type O - Actions intended to benefit the group / organization
    Type D - Actions intended to cause damage 

    Yoav Vardi - Book